Pig bowl

Pig bowl

900 yen

It will be a price for one serving.※Tax excluded

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Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 17

Healthy pot with plenty of vitamin B1 rich pork as plenty of vegetables ♪ This pot is "miso taste".Also you can toast Kimchi with plus 300 yen (per pan) to make a pig kimchi pot.There is no doubt that it will become more hokaka hoca in Kimchi hotpot! Because our pot is full volume point, I think that two or three servings are just right for 4 people ♪

Course menu

Pig bowl

· Separately settled rice cooking or a set of udon (300 yen for one person) can be ordered separately.I think that it is exactly one-half of the number of people who will eat it in the next.

· It is also possible to topple the kimchi (300 yen per pan) to make this pig, and make it into a pig kimchi pan.

· We will receive the hot pot with advance reservation from 2 servings.Also our shop 's pot is full volume so I'd appreciate it if you specify what number you are at the time of booking.Clerk's estimate: I think that two, three servings are just right for 4 people.

2018/03/02 update