• Grilled fish set meal

      750 yen

      Basically it will be mackerel.Sometimes saury will be added in autumn.

    • Daily lunch special

      750 yen

      Basically two sets are attached like a set of 0 and 0.It is a popular menu of our shop ♪ The pictures are at the time of curry with ham cutlet.Because our curry is less than dry spicy more than India, I personally think that you can eat delicious ♪

    • Sashimi set meal

      850 yen

      The contents will be left to you, but COSPA is more than the price ♪ ※ Please note that due to purchase reasons you can not order the rest.

    • Jumbo mench set meal

      800 yen

      It is a jumbo mentikatsu of a synonymous menu of our shop.♪ I'd like to challenge once ♪

    • Japanese style hamburger steak

      750 yen

      Because it is Japanese style, it is comparatively easy.Our hamburger steam is also quite a volume ♪

    • Ginger baked food

      800 yen

      It is surprisingly a menu with many fans.While wearing eggs in sukiyaki style ... or eat egg on rice cooker with ginger roasts recommended ♪

    • Homemade croquette set meal

      700 yen

      There are three bale-shaped croquettes.It is very creamy finished ♪ Please be careful of burns because it is azu.

    • Kaki fly set meal

      850 yen

      It is price about 5 pieces.Because it is fried with raw bread crumbs, it is crispy outside, fluffy inside ♪ It's limited for the period until the end of March.We also resumed sales from October m (_ _) m